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Hi, my name is Kate and I’m a blogger.

Pre-kids, I worked in the ‘busy’ business world for 15 years, the last few years managing Federal employment & training contracts in the private sector. It took 8 years of infertility & a kidney transplant to 'see the light' and move forward. Little did I know that resigning from my 'career' would be the most important decision and lead to the most gratifying experience of my life. There's no doubting that I'm at my most ever, happiest.

I’m a proud wife [to Jeff] & mother of 5.

Georgia Poppy (May 2005), Charlotte Daisy (May 2006), twins Amelia Bluebell & Chelsea Blossom (Jan 2008) & our newest addition, Lachlan Bud (June 2010) - yes that is 5 babies in 5 years!

Our littlest twin by 2 minutes, Chelsea, has a complex heart condition and has already had 3 major surgeries. 2008 was a huge year and Chelsea's last surgery was a really big deal. All our energies were focused on her at that time & we juggled the rest as best we could. She's doing so well right now so our new more relaxed [!] life is juggling 5 kids and all that goes along with that....

We have had our fair share of challenges over the years but we know we are blessed, we know our ‘team’ can handle just about anything and we know we cannot take any little life moments for granted. So we don’t.

We love to live.

I also love to ‘write’, ‘make’, ‘snap’ & try to be a little enterprising, so doesn’t that work out nicely? Yep, I am passionate about it all. By day, our main focus is raising our 4 girls & new son, the best we can but once they’re all sound asleep at night and all my jobs are done, you can find me in my little art space.


I love to blog about our lives so I don’t forget all the little details and hey, I also find it great therapy. And why not share? I could travel through life anonymously but then I would be missing out on all the special connections I’ve made out in this small world of ours. So I choose to share. I am pro-sharing. In addition to my life & art making I've been blogging about my health & fitness journey [living to 100] and also teaching myself how to cook 'Le Cordon Bleu' style.
[being mum + creating + life - all the crazy beautiful that happens behind my business: Scrapps Flea Market]
[our special heart story + fundraising]


I’ve been a ‘maker’ forever. It’s a deep need from within and my personal passion. I have been involved in many crafts over the years but in recent years scrapbooking became a good fit. I also have a particular love for rubber stamp collecting, book making, mixed media collage & making/altering my kids clothes.

I’m drawn to feminine, old & worn, whimsical type artwork and have a real soft spot for 'little details' - I'll always spend whatever time I deem necessary to add that snippet of yummy. My latest passion is collaging babushka & kokeshi dolls. Hard not to be consumed with all things ‘girly’ including 'Blythe'. - So, it is this cross-section of interests, skills & themes which I love to incorporate into my artwork, occasional kits and my classes.

Through my scrapbooking years, I was very fortunate to design for a bunch of stores, online shops, magazines etc. Published in most Australian craft magazines & I co-authored a couple of books: 2005 Elite Team book, “The Times of Our Lives” and with friend Debra Fuller, "The Heart of Design".

For the moment, I'm a happy mixed media freelancer.


I love taking pics of my kiddies, my home, my cooking and the world around us. I am a reasonable amateur photographer & loving expanding my equipment & skills. Playing and learning as I go with my Canon Rebel Xsi and my most recent trusty little point & shoot [been through too many to mention] Canon Ixus 980IS. I’m also a gadget & Apple MAC girl and have way too many contraptions & peripherals. Just can’t help myself.

The enterprising bit:

I operate my own mixed media & print art business, art supply, occasional kit & teaching business ‘Scrapps Flea Market’ [ ] and work part-time doing graphic art for our family printing business. When all my children leave home for kindy [!] I'll also get back to finishing my degree in Visual Arts continuing to specialize in my digital media and printmaking majors. Edit that plan..... I've decided to switch my printmaking major to photography. New Media & Photography is a much better fit for my life & creative goals I think. No wait, I'm now thinking Graphic Design with an Illustration Major.... I'm sure I'll decide before I need to enrol!

So I like to keep busy. I like to capture & scribble down everything that runs around my brain and also love to make lists. I dream big & have a zillion or more creative ideas. I have few pennies to carry out these creative ideas and even less minutes to spare. But I’m not deterred. I will keep taking my few pennies here and there along with my few minutes and slowly work towards my creative goals.

So welcome to my blog. I hope you enjoy looking at my work & reading my thoughts whenever I get the urge to write & hearing about my daily juggle of motherhood, creating and coping [or not coping, whatever day it happens to be].